FireTack Alternative

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Aug 112012

I was out doing some cache maintenance the other night and discovered that one of the reflectors was missing. I had used FireTape as the reflector. I wasn’t able to find the reflector but I wanted to maintain the cache. Luckily I keep a few feet of reflective cord wrapped around my flashlight for just such an event. I recorded some video of what I did that you might find helpful.

Reflective cord has many uses, including:

  • Alternative to FireTacks (good for younger trees)
  • Zipper pull tabs, add reflectivity to anything with a zipper
  • Tent ropes
  • Around camp
  • Make reflective outlines on equipment or in the field

Aug 052012

Geocaching BagWe are pleased to announce that we have acquired     We strive to make it easier for cachers to find the geocaching supplies they need.   Cache At Night has the the geocaching you need including: containters, log books and trackables.

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More Payment Options

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May 012012

Accept Credit CardsOne of our favourite aspects of running Cache At Night is attending events.  It gives us an opportunity to meet many of our existing customers and to make some new friends.   Not everyone enjoys the online buying experience and events are a great opportunity for those folks to make a purchase in person.  In the past there was a trade off in that we couldn’t accept credit cards at events.   That will not be the case this year.

We have just signed up for a new service that will allow us to process credit card transactions anywhere that we have cell coverage.   If you see us at upcoming event you’ll be able to make purchases using your credit card.   We hope this will make it easier for you to get the supplies you need.

Supporting GHAGAFAP

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Apr 292012

Once again we will be supporting the longest running family picnic in Canada – GHAGAFP.   In addition to being and exhibitor this year we are also sponsoring the website hosting for the event.

The event takes place on September 15th, 2012.   You can find the official listing here: GHAGAFAP XI – The Tradition Continues  (GC34EV6).

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Customer Feedback

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Jan 162012

It is always encouraging when you received positive customer feedback.  We received this email last week and with permission we’d like to share it now.

Hi Ron & John,

I’m not a terribly active cacher so I don’t often need much stuff, but your site is definitely on my Go-To list. Just this morning I forwarded the link to a new cacher,  so I was browsing around again… such a thoughtful inventory of useful products, with good prices and fast shipping too. Love the new mini-log books! Great job… thanks for being there for my (infrequent) orders. I’ve just started working on a complex 8-stage 5/5 Multi and already making my wish list…

best regards,

Annie L

We are happy you like our selection Annie.   Thank you for your encouragement!

Winter Solstice Event Log

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Dec 232011
Winter Solstice Group Caching Event

Thanks to northern penguin for the photo

The following is a log entry posted by Draelynx from our Winter Solstice – Battery Challenge event cache.  We had a lot of fun in the warmer, wetter and by wetter I mean muddier, weather.

/ Twas a warm and muddy night
/ And all through Hyde Tract
/ Not a creature was stirring
/ But then, wait …. what’s that?

/ There arose on the trails
/ Such loud cheerful chatter
/ From an assembly of cachers
/ Who craved a night gather

/ They splashed in deep puddles
/ Then tripped over logs
/ Accompanied by geokids
/ And damp geodogs

/ By Magellan and Garmin and UV we were bidden
/ To seek in the forest that which is hidden
/ In tree stump! In leaf pile! In spruce tree and ruin!
/ There isn’t much else we would rather be do-in’

/ After spotting each one
/ No “Found It!” was piped
/ For group caching etiquette
/ Simply shut off your light

/ Through wet falling snow
/ Cachers drove out of sight
/ Happy Solstice to all
/ And to all a good night!

Thank you Draelynx for letting us repost your log.

Here is a short video from the evening. I can never seem to fully capture what it’s like to see headlamps bobbing around the woods at night.

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December Promotion

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Dec 012011

Rogue 2 Icon FlashlightThe Rogue 2 is an exceptional handheld flashlight delivering 100 lumen for 3 hours or 72 hours on low with just two AA batteries. Get all the light you need for your night time geocaching adventures at our best price ever.

25% off

Get a Rogue 2 in your choice of color for only $37.49 (Regular price $49.99). This promotion available until December 24th, 2011 or while supplies last.

Dec 012011

When caching at night the color in most things tends to go away. The blue light of the Moon doesn’t reveal a lot of color. There are two parts of the light spectrum that make for interesting cache experiences. Those are infra-red light and ultra violet light (it’s actually near ultra violet but we’ll let the science slip for a moment).

8 Segment Numbers in ultra violet light

8 Segment Numbers in UV Light

A little over a year ago Groundspeak added the UV attribute that can be assigned to geocaches. Since that time we’ve seen UV enabled caches grow. In a typical UV scenario a hint or coordinates are written in an ink that is UV reactive. The UV clue is sometimes written on the back side of a clue that is written such that it’s visible in white light. A cacher that is unaware of the UV attribute might be tricked by this approach.

In order to protect the UV inks from the elements we recommend placing them in non-UV blocking laminate. We carry non-reactive paper and self-sealing laminate pouches for this very reason. There is another way to provide clues using UV light and that is with UV reactive monofilament line.

8 Segment Numbers in White LIght

8 Segment Numbers in White LIght

We recommend creating eight segment digits like you see on a digital clock where some segments are not UV reactive and others are. Under white like the two lines are very hard to differentiate. Turn on a UV light and the correct coordinates pop out. In the pictures for this article the UV line is protected inside a sealable container. This is mostly for protection from the Sun’s rays. UV reactive features will degrade over time when exposed to sunlight. The UV line does not need to be protected from the elements, water won’t hurt it. You’ll also want to make sure that the cacher can’t see the backside of the coordinate segments. If they can see the backside they can see which segments use which kind of line and deduce the coordinates from that information.
The only special equipment you need to find a night cache with UV clues is a UV flashlight. There are a variety of UV lights available from small button lights to larger 3-in-1 lights. If UV caches are growing in your area then you’ll want to add one of these lights to your pack.

Coordinates Visible with IR Light

Coordinates Visible with IR Light

Coordinates Not Visible with White Light

Coordinates Not Visible with White Light

Caches that use infra-red (IR) light are harder to create and require special equipment to find them. An IR cache needs two components, an infra-red light source and an infra-red capable camera. Any remote control where you have to point it at the TV uses an infra-red LED. You can either take apart an old remote control or you can buy IR LEDs for about 50 cents each. We opted to buy them for our Lunar Lander BFL Boot Camp cache.

Now that we had an IR light source we needed to figure out what to do about a camera. I learned a while ago that webcams will pick up IR light but those aren’t too convenient to take into the field. I suppose if you had a little netbook that might work. I discovered that my BlackBerry makes for a decent enough IR camera for what we had planned. The facetime camera on an iPhone might work if you are patient. Many cameras have a built in IR filter. You can test your camera by viewing the front of a remote control through your camera as you push the buttons. If you see a light then your

Coordinates Visible with Infra-Red Light (close up)

Coordinates Visible with IR Light (close up)

camera will work to view IR light. You can also use cameras that have a “night vision” mode. As you can tell it’s not easy finding a way to view infra-red light. If you choose to build and IR cache it will be important to provide sufficient details in the description relative to your difficulty rating to allow people to find the cache. If you set your difficulty rating at 5 then you might not need to provide too many clues on how to solve the cache.

The trick to making and IR cache is finding plastic that is opaque to white light but easily transmits IR light.   Black or smoked plastics work best.  I used multiple layers of a red plastic.  It is very hard to pass white light through multiple layers but the IR easily passes.

We’ve just described a few ways that we have used ultra violet and infra-red to create caches. Hopefully these will be your starting point when you build your own creative night cache.

Remember to Grab a Light (white, UV or otherwise) and Cache at Night.

Busy Month for New Products

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Nov 222011

We’ve been busy bringing in products that we think will help make your geocaching experience more enjoyable and safer.

Some of the new products include:

We are always looking to add products to the store that serve geocachers needs.  Feel free to let us know about your favourite tool or supply and we’ll see about stocking it in the store.

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