Tick Protection

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Dec 212012

Tick Key - Tick RemoverOnce again Cache At Night is pleased to announce that we are adding an innovative product to our catalogue.   Now available in our store is The Tick Key, the easiest way to safely remove ticks from people and pets.  There are a variety of ticks that pose a risk to humans and pets but the black legged tick is the most common culprit.   The body fluids of the tick can carry pathogens such as Lyme disease which is harmful to humans and pets.  While the black legged tick has a far reaching range there are certain hotspots  of activity where cachers should pay special attention to the steps necessary to prevent bites.  Long sleeves and long pants are recommended in tick hot zones as is Deet.

The Tick Key offers a simple way to remove ticks before they can do any lasting damage.  Ticks need to feed for about 24-36 hours for the Lyme disease bacterium to be transferred to a new host.  Removing ticks as soon as possible is recommend but using your fingers is discouraged.  Narrow tweezers are a better Black Legged Tick Mapoption but they can be problematic.  The Tick Key is simple and effective for humans and pets, especially geo-dogs.   Keep on on your key chain for easy access.   Be sure and disinfect your hands and The Tick Key after use.

All cachers should perform  tick checks when returning from any potentially tick active area.  Light clothing makes it easier to spot ticks before they can attach to you, your family or your pets.