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Geocaching Bag

At this time of year you’ll find many gift lists for cachers. Most of the items on those lists are intended for someone that geocaches. We’ve prepared a gift list of geocaching items that non-geocachers can use. Do some shopping for you and some shopping for your muggle friends and family but do it all in one place.

  1. Number one on the list this year is the Kanga Pak.   These little packs are great for day trips to the amusement park or while out on the bike.   The shape of the pack works well for men and women, left of right handers.   It is surprising how much you can carry in the pack.  Even fully loaded the pack does not feel heavy.  The load is carried close to your body and doesn’t flop around.   I carry three flashlights, a laser, a magnetic grabber, my phone, a camera, a chill towel, extra batteries, my notebook, a pen and my GPSr on an s-biner.   I think that’s about as full as you would ever want it.   Even with all the gear it’s still surprisingly comfortable.   Great for cyclists, mom’s with infants, dog walkers and of course geocachers.
  2. This is a two-fer.   An Inka pen and a write in the rain log book make a great addition for anyone that needs to take notes outside.  This could be a contractor, a biologist, birder, journalist and a multitude of others that need to take notes outside.   I carry a notebook with me when I’m caching so I can quickly jot down notes on multi-caches or puzzles.   Everyone should have a notebook.
  3. Do you have a geologist on your gift list?  Our 365nm UV light is ideal for studying various rocks and minerals.   It’s fun to look at things under black light,  it’s surprising what you’ll find.
  4. Every since I first saw these I knew that the Powerpax Battery Caddy would be a hit.   Photographers love the 12 pack holder.   I have both the 12 pack and the slimline 4 pack which I I always carry with me, even for a park and grab.  You never know when you are going to need a battery.
  5. Do you know someone that likes to work on cars or machinery?  Why not get them our  160 Lumen AA flashlight with a magnetic base.  Makes an excellent work light to keep your hands free.
  6. Dog lovers will like the added visibility of our illuminated dog leash.   This makes a great compliment for our illuminated dog collar.
  7. And this one is for anyone on your list.  The Link flashlight is so versatile that anyone receiving it will love it.   I keep on in my caching bag and one on my tool bag.   I don’t go anywhere without this light.
  8. Have a hunter or mountain biker on your list?  Have a look at FireTacks as a way for them to create easy to follow trails on those long dark winter nights.

We have many gift ideas for cachers and non-cachers.   Visit the site and browse our categories.  Be sure and check out the gear and hiding categories.  You will find interesting things there.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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