Sep 152013
Cache Me If You Can Board Game

Normally we attend events to sell things not buy them.   We did something a bit different at yesterday’s GHAGAFAP event.   We actually became the Canadian dealer for the Cache Me If You Can board game.   The inventor of the game Dan Hundycz was here with his business partner Jim Cendoma.    I saw the game on the Friday night and immediately thought it was a winner for our geocaching community.   I worked out a deal with Jim and Dan and Cache At Night became the Canadian dealer for the game.   We had to buy some games to secure our status as a dealer so we did that.   We are already looking at placing our second order.

The game plays just like a geocaching adventure.  There are hides, geocoins and hurdles that you most over come, including dealing with the consequences of coming in contact with poison ivy.  The game play is varied with may options that make for an always unique gaming experience, sort of like geocaching. Not only is game fun to play for geocachers it’s also a great board game for people who like games. It makes a great introduction to geocaching for your muggle friends.

Something I found most interesting about the game is that the creator is a geocacher. Dan experience as a geocacher comes through in the game play. Forget your pen? No find for you.


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