Oct 312013
SnapLit, Ideal for runners.

Two things happen in our part of the world at this time of year:  The clocks move back an hour and hunting season is open.    That means it’s darker sooner (more time for night caching) and the woods become a little more active.   This doesn’t mean we have to stop caching but it does mean we could use a little reminder of what to do to be more visible.  

  1. Bright colors are a good first step and you might even want to think of wearing something hunter orange.   I keep an orange toque hand for just this reason.  There are several cachers in our area that way day-glo jackets with reflective strips.   You can always spot them in a group photo.   That kind of visibility helps at night. 
  2. Carry a flashlight and extra batteries.  While not traditionally thought of a as a safety item a flashlight will help you see your way at night and can also be used so that others see you.   If you are walking along a road at night keep your flashlight on.   My Link flashlight has a built in carabiner making it ideal for this kind of use. 
  3. Special purpose safety lights can be used when caching or when doing other outdoor activities.    The Snap Lit is a great choice for personal safety while the Krill Glow Light works for both personal safety and to mark your equipment.   The Krill light is a great addition for camping.  The advantage of a light over a reflector is that the light is an active awareness enhancer.   It makes it easier to be seen in someone’s peripheral vision. 
  4. Many people like to go caching with their dog so we have something just for them.  The illuminated collar greatly enhances the visibility of your geodog whether you are caching or not.   Night time walks are that much safer when Fido can easily be seen from a distance. 
  5. One of my favourite safety lights is the Zip Lit.  I’ve been using it on my GPSr for three years.   Originally intended to be used on a zipper pull I use mine on my GPSr.   It would work equally well on a Camera or backpack.   Small and lightweight it is a convenient way to give my electronics more visibility.   An alternative to a light for your electronics are retro-reflective stickers.   I put these on my flashlights that way if I drop it when it’s off I have a chance of finding it.   
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