May 102011

With over 1,300,000 caches around the world, there are many places for a caching family to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Many of the caches are located along trails, in parks and conservation areas that you may not even know about in your area. We have lived in our area for 38 years and have found many new places and trails to take our kids. Places we did not even know about until we were geocaching.

When we started caching, the kids where excited to get out and find “treasure” but as time goes on (as with most kids) they started to lose interest. A few small things can help keep it fun and interesting for the kids. It’s important to get the kids involved, not just following along until you get near the cache. By letting them use the GPSr they will have more fun knowing they lead the way to ground zero.

With the abundance of rail trails being turned into hot geocaching spots, packing up the bikes and heading to one of these trails adds a new dynamic to family caching adventures.

When at the cache area, have everyone find the cache. Our family uses the “click” system. After each person finds the cache they quietly move away and say “click”. This allows everyone to have a chance at finding the cache.

Have the kids put together a swag bag full of things they would like to trade. And remind them to trade up or trade even, this will keep the cache fun for the next finders.

Plan out you’re caching day. Try to find some fun and interesting caches by reading the cache description, logs and looking at the terrain and difficulty. A kid-friendly attribute is an option for cache descriptions. Though we find this attribute isn’t used commonly, it can be helpful while planning out your day.

If you are caching at night, it’s a good idea to have a Clip-On Marker or ZipLit that you can attached to the kids for safety. Everyone having their own flashlight helps each person walk safely along the path.

If you find a cache that you know the kids will love save it for near the end, this will top off their day and they will talk about it all the way home. Our kids have their own mini backpacks for caching. Inside is swag for trading, insect repellent, bandages, flashlights for night caching and pens. Before heading out everyone adds a few snacks to their bag and plenty of water.

Geocaching is an activity for the whole family so get out, have fun and be

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