Feb 042013
SnapLit, Ideal for runners.

SnapLit, Ideal for runners.

We made it!  We are half way through winter.   The days are certainly getting longer but there is still plenty of darkness out there.   Whether you are caching, walking the dog or doing some other type of activity you should be visible to those around you.   The easiest thing you can do is where lighter clothes.   Black jackets over blue jeans with dark boots is that the best way to make yourself visible to motorists and those around you.   To help you be seen at night there are two types of products you can use:  passive and active.  If you think of a car the active protection are the headlights and tail lights.  The passive protection are the reflectors on all four sides and in some doors.

Reflectors and reflective products do a good job of making you more visible for vehicles come at you.   They are not as effect when the vehicle is approaching you from an angle.  That’s because most reflectors are retro reflective and will only shine back at the light source when it is close to straight on.   This reduces the the amount of time that a driver can see you.   In order to increase the time you need to use something that is more active, you need some the emits it’s own light.

We carry a wide selection of active safety gear that can make your night caching experience safer.    We have products that clip on, products that snap on and even some that attach to the equipment loop on your gear.  We even have an illuminated collar that will help make your dog visible on the trails and on the streets.   Many of our active safety lights include passive reflective markings as well.

Be safe, be seen.

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