Sep 262013
Laser Loci Geocache

Ron and I are always on the looking for new and interesting products that we think the geocaching community might benefit from.  When we find those items (like CMIYC) we add it to the store.  Sometimes we can’t find something so we have to make it.  That’s what we’ve done with the Laser Loci.

For last year’s BFL Boot Camp I partnered with Denis (Brain21) to create a cache that used lasers to trigger a beacon that flashed a number sequence.  The cache was a hit and a new product idea was created.   Denis is the electronics whiz so he created the prototype that we used in the cache.   Once we decided to make this a product we had to find a way to allow anyone that has a device to program it.   That’s when Denis came up with Light Talk, a way to send the coordinate sequence from your computer or phone to the Laser Loci.   It took some doing but Denis figured it out.   It works best in a dark room or out in the field on your smart phone at night.

To use the Laser Loci you create a multi-stage geocache the way you normally would.  When you find the location for one of your stages, maybe the final, you can program that sequence of coordinates into the Laser Loci either back at home or in the field on your smart phone, that’s how I do it.

As befits our store theme this is a night caching device.   You can’t actually trigger it during the day or rather when it is in a bright location.  We recommend placing the Laser Loci up high so as to minimize tampering. Finders of your Laser Loci enabled cache will be amazed at the approach.   Now you can use your laser for something other than a cat toy.

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