May 112011
Logbook in Ziploc Bag

If you use a non-watertight container it makes sense to put the logbook in a bag for added protection, as long as the bag doesn't get punctured.

For the longest time I’ve kept spare Ziploc bags in my geocaching pack. I would replace the broken ones I frequently found geocaches. The other day I found a cache with a soaking wet logbook even thought it was inside a plastic bag. It seems that it’s easier for water to get into a bag with a hole than it is for the water to get out.

So why do geocachers put logbooks in plastic bags? I’ve stopped doing that. I would much rather use a watertight container to keep the water out than to rely on a Ziploc bag. A combination of Rite in the Rain logbooks and a watertight container will ensure that future geocachers find the logbook in good shape.

Here is one tip we can all implement: don’t put the writing instrument in the bag. The bag is there to keep the logbook dry, not the writing instrument. Pointy pencils and dull pens will both easily puncture the thin plastic bag.

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  3 Responses to “To Bag or Not to Bag”

  1. I still like to bag the logbook…in fact I’ll double bag it sometimes. I figure, the more layers of protection the better. I agree that the pointy bits should be kept out, but tell that to the first or second finder who comes along and puts the pointy pieces back into the bag with the logbook!

    I bought a Rite-in-the-Rain logbook once. It disappeared within the first six finds. Bad experiment! The little four-for-a-buck spiral notebooks suit me fine, and nobody’s going to walk off with those. :)

    Not only do I ziplock the logbook, but for a brand new cache, or for swag I leave behind in a cache, I’ll most often “bag the swag” too. Better dry than soggy and moldy!


    • @Trimbles Trek I think the answer is better containers and not ziploc bags. That being said I cached in the rain on Friday night so some water drops were sure to get in the container. It was an ammo can so once the water drops got in they were not getting out.

  2. That’s a very good point that I hadn’t ever thought about: pens/pencils make holes in the bags. I’ll make sure I keep them separate in future!

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