Nov 262013
multi colour UV ink

It’s time to add some flair to your UV clues.    For the last couple of years if you wanted to use invisible ink that fluoresces under UV light you only had one choice.   Now you have three!  We have just added red and blue pens that are solvent based.  This means they are more durable then our existing water based UV Pen.  In addition to being more durable you now have more choices on how to use your UV clues.

multi colour UV ink

On certain papers or with the light at a specific angle it is sometimes possible to determine which numbers are written on the paper.   On some papers the UV ink gives a bit of a shine allowing the searcher to determine the hidden coordinates.    Now that we have red and blue inks you can use both colors to write on the paper but have the coordinates show up in one colour while the other works to obscure which numbers are written down.   We are sure you will think of other ways to take advantage of these new UV pens.

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  1. My first order with and these pens, a Red and a Blue, were at the top of my list. CAN’T WAIT till they arrive!!!

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