Night Caching


trail markers illuminated by headlampWhat is Night Caching?  Traditionally night caching uses reflective trail markers to lead you to a cache.  The coordinates given on the geocache page take you to a starting point.  From there you need to find the reflective trail markers (FireTacks).   This is not always as easy as it seems.  The fire tacks are retro-reflective.  This means they shine back towards the light source.  If you hold the light source low they tend to be less visible.  For best results hold your light at eye level or use a head lamp.  I prefer a head lamp with an LED light source.

The above describes a traditional night cache.  If you geocache near Halton Hills, Ontario, or you have attended a BFL Bootcamp you know that there is much more that can be done with a night cache.  I’ve seen night caches that use all types of light sources and wavelengths.  There has been lasers, UV, glow in the dark, shine through, shine on and even one that used braile!   Trying a night cache might open up your geocaching activities to a whole new experience.  One we think you’ll enjoy.

Night Caching on the Trails

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  1. I love night caching – I call it “Owl Caching” for all the night birds here in Hawaii. Though I usually don’t have such a large group; in fact most time it’s just me…


  2. Cache at night is brilliant. In fact I often have more luck at night then during the day. Especially in the woods when there is a certain mistique.

    I hope to organise a geomeeting on a moonless night at the mountains in Northern Portugal in winter to hear the wolves.

    I like the Owl caching term!


  3. […] again. My good friend Daniel called a couple of days ago asking if I wanted to come along for night caching with him and some other guys. I like geocaching but for me it’s mostly about getting to be […]

  4. Just received my shipment. Very pleased with the products and your service. The small storage containers would also make good organizers for camping, bug out bags etc. perhaps you can add that to your product descriptions and/or use. That phrase might be good for your google hot phrases.

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