FireTacks are the backbone of traditional night caches. Originally designed to mark trails for early morning and early evening use FireTacks are now an integral part of night caching. Use multiple colors or geotacks to create interesting night caches. There are even FireTacks that respond to UV light for a compound effect. The image to the right shows the various colours available for FireTacks: Blaze Orange, Ice White, FireFly, and Stealth. We recommend stealth as the primary colour for geocaching applications. Stealth is the least visible colour during the day thus making it harder for someone to brute force your night cache during the day.

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  1. […] it easier on yourself and use a headlamps when following FireTacks. The retroreflective nature of FireTacks make them the best choice for trail markers.  (Remember to use them for the trail out as well as […]

  2. […] Firetacks are a great way to make a night cache.  They are low tech and low maintenance.   The following tutorial will identify some things you should consider when using FireTacks. […]

  3. […] me to light up any area I’m searching for a cache.  If you are doing a night cache that uses FireTacks it is possible for your light to be too bright.   FireTacks are most visible when they are at the […]

  4. […] Boot Camp has grown. The first year, we hid 6 geocaches and they were mainly based on the use of firetacks. The event “Fall Back to Night Caching“ (archived – Geocaching login […]

  5. […] you arrive at the posted co-ordinates, you look around for a fire tack which is a retro-reflective marker. To see these best, your light source should be close to your […]

  6. […] the instructions given to you.  This means that you’ll likely be looking for a series of firetacks hidden along a trail leading you to the geocache container. If you don’t know what a fire […]

  7. […] carry spare FireTacks either to repair a cache that’s missing a few or in case the urge strikes to place one while […]

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