Geocache Containers


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  • Rock Cache Grey

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  • Magnetic Bolt Geocache

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  • Aluminum Pill Shaped Micro Small

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  • Aluminum Pill Shaped Micro Large

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  • Nano Cache

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  • Preform Geocache Container

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  3 Responses to “Geocache Containers”

  1. […] do geocachers put logbooks in plastic bags? I’ve stopped doing that. I would much rather use a watertight container to keep the water out than to rely on a Ziploc bag. A combination of Rite in the Rain logbooks and […]

  2. […] from built up areas to make them harder to spot.   Our newsletter sponsor carries a variety of cache containers to fit your […]

  3. […] carry a variety of geocache containers with me either in case I want to place a cache or in the event a cache container is damaged.   […]

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