Ammo Can

$11.75 (Excl. HST/GST)
Weight: .9kg
Width: 13cm
Height: 13cm
Length: 30cm

Categories Geocache Containers , Regular , What's New

The iconic geocaching container is the ammo can.    The metal, military surplus containers are becoming increasingly hard to find.  Luckily we have the heavy duty plastic "ammo can" available.   These are made in the USA to high standards.  These containers are an ideal size for regular sized geocaches.   The recessed o-ring ensures a watertight seal with the lid.    Everyone loves finding ammo can sized geocaches.    Place one and find out for yourself.

The brass-bail latch offers positive, secure closure as well as durability and long life.

This container is lockable for those caches that need to be secured.

Note:Picture is of taller type of ammo can.

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