Aviator Emergency Pencil

$3.95 (Excl. HST/GST)
Weight: .02kg
Width: 1cm
Height: 1cm
Length: 20cm
Your Price
1 to 2 = $3.95 per unit
3 to 4 = $2.95 per unit
5 or more = $1.95 per unit

Categories Gear , Protection

This is a unique item designed for aviators that makes an excellent swag trade item.   You will not find these pencils in any store or on any other website.  These pencils might look like an ordinary mechanical pencil but it might just save your life. Produced by commercial pilot Bill Pratt these emergency "divert" pencils are designed for civil aviators to be used in the event they must divert to an alternate air field.

Even in today's age of GPS it is always best to carry a back up system for calculating time and distance.   Three sides of this pencil have been stamped with calibrated markings for distance and time at various common air speeds: 75. 90 & 105 knots.    Simply place the pencil on your standard aviation map and you can quickly determine time and distance to the alternate landing field.

There was only a single run of these pencils ever made.   These will make a great gift for anyone learning to fly or interested in aviation.

Fine lead mechanical pencil.

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