Big Bison

$5.95 (Excl. HST/GST)
Weight: .1kg
Width: 4.7cm
Height: 8cm
Length: 4.7cm

Out of Stock

Categories Small , Geocache Containers

Need something you can hang from a tree but tired of tiny bison tubes?  Why not try the new Big Bison.   Capable of holding small trackables or swag these heavy duty containers are ideal for geocaching.

All the advantages of a bison tube: waterproof, o-ring seal, aluminum alloy body, cylindrical, heavy duty and economical all without the disadvantages of a smaller bison tube.   Big enough to fit our mini logbooks inside for a better caching experience for future finders.

  • 41mm Inside Diameter
  • 47mm Outside Diameter

Note: Contents not included, show as examples.

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