Coolcore Cooling Towel

$9.95 (Excl. HST/GST)
Weight: .150kg
Width: 4cm
Height: 4cm
Length: 20cm


Heat is a killer, literally.  Now you can carry a lightweight 20cm X 76cm cooling towel in your geocaching back that will make it easier for you tool cool yourself on a hot day or a strenuous hill climb.  Packed in the convenient shipping tube the dimensions are 4cm X 20cm.

The fabric in a Coolcore Chilling Towel functions through a combination of heat, moisture and air. Even when worn dry, the technology is effective by rapidly cooling the skin with the introduction of moisture (perspiration or otherwise) during daily activities on a hot day. This cooling effect reduces the surface temperature of the skin by up to 30% and has been extensively tested and proven to regulate core body temperature. Achieve maximum comfort day and night in and out. Keep your cool!

Choose from one of the six available colours.   Buy two different colours so you know who has which cooling cloth.




Chill Tube Colours *

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