FireTape Trail Ribbon

$10.25 (Excl. HST/GST)
Weight: .05kg
Width: 10cm
Height: 2cm
Length: 20cm
Color *

Category FireTacks

FireTape™ is made from a virtually indestructible two-ply prismatic high florescent flexible plastic that performs in heat or cold. FireTape™ has hook/loop (Velcro) on each end, sewn (not glued) on for strength. Strips can be "chained" together for larger trees or posts.

FireTape™ is visible during daylight becauseof its florescent quality, as well as brilliantly reflective at night or in low light.

We recommend using FireTape™ to mark your own trail when placing a night cache and then removing the FireTape™ on the way out. Alternatively you can use this tape to indicate hazards or as part of a multi-cache. Bring night caching to urban or suburban environments by wrapping FireTape™ around metal or plastic objects.

Each Pack contains 10 Trail Ribbons 5 inches long, Velcro at each end.

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  1. […] cache maintenance the other night and discovered that one of the reflectors was missing. I had used FireTape as the reflector. I wasn’t able to find the reflector but I wanted to maintain the cache. […]

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