Gasket – Peanut Butter Jar (pkg of 3)

$5.00 (Excl. HST/GST)
Weight: .01kg
Width: 8.9cm
Height: .1cm
Length: 8.9cm

Categories Geocache Containers , Regular

We've all found them, geocaches that use a peanut butter jar as the container.   While they are a great size they are not waterproof, until now.   We have sourced an 89mm gasket that works perfectly for the 1kg peanut butter containers.   Unlike an o-ring the gasket will not shift out of place as the container lid is tightened.

This product includes three gaskets.


TIP: Clean the jar very well after use.  Use a degreaser to clean the inside.  Any peanut butter residue will attract animals.

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