Geo-Achievement 365-Days-of-Caching

$18.99 (Excl. HST/GST)
Weight: .080kg
Width: 8.5cm
Height: 2.5cm
Length: 7.5cm
Engraving (+$9.00)Add the date and caching handle. We can engrave up to two lines of text on your coin. Each line holds a maximum of 17 characters including spaces. Please allow 3-4 weeks for deliver of custom engraved coins.

Categories Geo-Achievement , Geocoins

This elegantĀ Geo-AchievementĀ® coin and pin set is plated in 24k polished gold. It is perfect for awarding to your friends or family for their geocaching achievements. Use the included matching pin to wear at events or while geocaching to show off your cache finds achievement; go ahead, you earned it!

The design of this coin features images of all four seasons, a gear to represent the workings of a clock and the ticking of time, a four pointed star in the center to show what a great achievement this is, and a Swarovski gemstone in the center.

Collect the entire set and have all the icons show in your trackables page.

  • One set includes one geocoin and one pin.
  • Coin measures 1.75" in diameter.
  • Pin measures 1" in diameter.
  • Both are plated in a 24k polished gold finish.
  • A Swarovski gemstone.
  • Translucent hard enamel colors on the front and solid hard enamel colors on the back.
  • Custom engraving area on the backside of the coin that fits up to 2 lines of text.
  • Trackable on
  • An icon specific to this coin will show in your profile when you log the tracking number.

To add thoughtfulness when you are presenting these coins as gifts, there is a custom etching area on the backside. This area can accommodate up to two lines of engraving with 17 characters per line (including spaces).

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