Illuminated Dog Leash

$18.50 (Excl. HST/GST)
Weight: .139kg
Width: 9cm
Height: 3cm
Length: 25cm

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When you're walking or running your dog before sunup or after sundown, you sometimes worry that other people and cars can't see you coming. Unless, of course, you're using the  LED Illuminated Dog Leash. With its 18-inch flexible, LED light-transmitting polymer core and a reflective stripe for passive reflectivity, this leash makes both you and your dog's presence obvious to everything on-coming, from dusk till dawn.

Made of high-quality, durable nylon and measuring 5 feet in length, the illuminated dog leash features a weather-resistant, enclosed switch that allows you to choose illumination modes (glow or flash). Its efficient LED has a life of about 100,000 hours, and a replaceable 100-hour battery is included. Secured to your dog's collar with its strong, rotating spring clip, this leash provides visibility through endless late-day, late-night, and early morning outings. (Doubly effective when paired with the illuminated dog collar.)
Bright Red LED Illumination
Reflective stripe adds passive reflectivity
Glow and Flash Mode
Battery run time:
Glow mode: 75 hours
Flash mode: 100 hours
Easily replaceable 1 x 2032 3V lithium battery included
Features high quality red webbing
Leash is 5' long with 18" of LED illumination
Dimensions: 60.25" x 1.44" x 0.61"
1530.35mm x 36.66mm x 15.66mm
Weight: 4.90oz | 139.00g


Dimensions above are for the deployed leash.  We also show the package dimensions for proper shipping calculation.

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