miniTitan LED Flashlight

$25.50 (Excl. HST/GST)
Weight: .110kg
Width: 2.6cm
Height: 2.6cm
Length: 9.2cm

Categories Handheld , Flashlights

The miniTITAN is an effective small flashlight for your everyday caching needs.  Small enough to always carry yet powerful enough to help you find the cache even on the darkest of nights.  Powered by a common AA battery this compact light can put out as many as 80 lumens.   The focusing lens changes the beam from flood to spot.  Use the spot to get more light on one spot or to extend the range of the light.   There are three output settings (high/low/strobe) and regulated power for optimal battery life, the miniTITAN is a little force to be reckoned with.

  • Extremely bright - up to 80 lumens
  • High, low, and strobe settings
  • Uses common AA battery (included)
  • focusing lens allows for tight spotlight or wide flood pattern
  • Anodized aluminum construction
  • Regulated circuitry

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