Mission Tags

$0.75 (Excl. HST/GST)
Weight: .010kg
Width: 3cm
Height: .5cm
Length: 5cm

Out of Stock

Categories FarmtagZ , CacheKinz , Cache Buddy , Travel Bugs

Want to get your trackable to travel the furthest?  Add a mission tag to the trackable.  Cachers are more likely to help your Travel Bug or other trackable on it's mission if they know about the mission when picking up the your trackable from a cache.

Our mission tags come in assorted colours.    We will send a random color based on availability.   We will do our best to honor your color choice if indicated at time of order.

To protect your mission description from the elements wear and tear our mission tags are plastic on both sides.   The mission tags are not waterproof but they will go a long way in helping your trackble go a long way and who doesn't want their trackable to travel far!

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