Official GHAGAFAP Event Coin

$12.00 $10.00 (Excl. HST/GST)
Weight: .02kg
Width: 4cm
Height: .5cm
Length: 4cm

Categories Trackable , Geocoins

There is a new geocoin for this year's installment of GHAGAFAP. The geocoin uses a native medicine wheel theme featuring a rabbit and 11 stars representing the 11 years of GHGAGFAP on the front.  Production of the coin has begun.

GHAGAFAP is once again took place at Guelph Lake Conservation Area on September 15th, 2012.

Coin features:

  • 43 mm Diameter
  • 4 colours on front
  • 4 colours on back
  • sparkles in stars and maple leaf
  • trackable on

  4 Responses to “Official GHAGAFAP Event Coin”

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  2. I recently attended the event and LOVE the geocoin. The colours are well appointed and the symbolization on the coin is very appropriate and meaningful. Thanks for yet another lovely design and a geocoin that I shall treasure with note only its design but the memories that combine with the JOURNEY I and the coin have taken through the event. Well done. Thank you

  3. As the host of GHAGAFAP, I would personally like to thank Cache At Night for all the fine work that they did in producing and selling this year’s geocoin and also for their generous financial contribution and support in helping make our event another huge success. I look forward to working with Cache At Night for our future events.

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