Powerpax AA Battery Caddy (12)

$6.95 (Excl. HST/GST)
Weight: .1kg
Width: 3cm
Height: 5cm
Length: 10cm
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1 to 1 = $6.95 per unit
2 to 3 = $6.50 per unit
4 or more = $6.00 per unit
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Categories Battery Caddy , Flashlights

Every cacher carries extra batteries. Now you can carry your AA batteries in a convenient battery caddy.   No more fumbling in your pack trying to find the elusive double A batteries.   No more shorts because the battery terminals were touching coins in your pack.

Available in bright or muted colors.  For the dedicated night cacher there is also the Moonshine glow in the dark version.  The Moonshine Powerpax battery caddy is bright enough to light up the interior of your pack.

  • Holds 12 AA batteries
  • Dispenses batteries with one hand for safety and convenience.
  • Terminal protection at both ends regardless of how the battery is inserted.
  • Store your batteries in a compact, easy to find caddy.

TIP:  Store charged batteries with the positive terminal up and drained batteries with the positive terminal down.  Now you can easily tell which are the fresh batteries.

More information about Power Pax.

Note:  Batteries are not included.

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