Reflective Stickers

$7.25 (Excl. HST/GST)
Weight: .010kg
Width: 11cm
Height: .5cm
Length: 16cm
Color *

Categories FireTacks , Gear

Make everything easier to find including your camera, GPSr, cell phone, dog, bike, flashlight, anything that can take a sticker can be made reflective. To find your missing item just shine a light at it and watch how reflective it becomes. Use them around the house to mark posts and gates that get illuminated by your car's headlights.

NOTE: These stickers are retro-reflective, no batteries needed. Find your other electronics even if it doesn't have any power. Just shine a light and have it reflected back.

Each pack includes 1 sheet of Reflective Stickers (Gear Markers), measuring 4x6 inches, die cut in circles, rectangles and long rectangles. Use the pieces between shapes for smaller items ... nothing goes to waste.

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