Round Hand Warmer

$5.95 (Excl. HST/GST)
Weight: .350kg
Width: 10cm
Height: 6cm
Length: 10cm
Your Price
1 to 1 = $5.95 per unit
2 to 3 = $5.50 per unit
4 or more = $4.95 per unit

Category Gear

Don't let cold weather keep you inside.  These re-usable hand warmers will keep you and your supplies warm.  Simply click the activator and watch as the hand warmer turns from a cool liquid to a hot solid.  Easy to reactivate by placing in boiling water until the hand warmer crystals returns to a liquid state.  Kids love watching this science in action.

Environmentally friendly.  You won't be adding disposable warms to landfills.

Many Uses

  • hand warmers
  • put in back pockets for an impromtu seat warmer on cold days
  • use in camera bag to keep batteries warm
  • place in lunch bag to keep food from freezing on long hikes

Approximately 10cm diameter

We also offer these in singlesand two packs.  Hand warmers come in  multiple colors.  We will ship requested color if available otherwise we will ship a random colour.

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