Small Hand Warmer

$4.95 (Excl. HST/GST)
Weight: .26kg
Width: 8cm
Height: 6cm
Length: 9cm
Your Price
1 to 1 = $4.95 per unit
2 to 3 = $3.95 per unit
4 or more = $2.50 per unit

Category Gear

Don't let cold weather keep you inside.  These re-usable hand warmers will keep you and your supplies warm.  Simply click the activator and watch as the hand warmer turns from a cool liquid to a hot solid.  Easy to reactivate by placing in boiling water until the hand warmer crystals returns to a liquid state.  Kids love watching this science in action.

Environmentally friendly.  You won't be adding disposable warms to landfills.

Many Uses

  • hand warmers
  • put in back pockets for an impromtu seat warmer on cold days
  • use in camera back to keep batteries warm
  • place in lunch bag to keep food from freezing on long hikes

Approximately 8cm X 9cm

We also offer these in singles and two packs.  Hand warmers come in  multiple colors.  We will ship requested color if available otherwise we will ship a random colour.

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