UV Monofilament Kit

$5.00 (Excl. HST/GST)
Weight: 0.02kg
Width: 6cm
Height: .7cm
Length: 10cm

Category Ultra Violet

A new twist for UV caches.   Use the UV monofilament kit to create UV reactive digits.  The UV monofilament will not be affected by moisture.   Use this for kit to create coordinate clues.

The kit includes approximately 3m (10ft) of UV reactive monofilament and non-reactive monofilament along with a mounting board.  Combine UV and non-reactive monofilament in the creation of clues that cannot be detected under white light.

The mounting board measures approximately 65mm X 100mm (2.5" X 4"). There is a pre-drilled grid 34 X 22 making it easy to list coordinates or other clues.

You can even get creative and make shapes or other types of clues using this kit a Cache At Night exclusive.

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  1. […] pouches for this very reason. There is another way to provide clues using UV light and that is with UV reactive monofilament […]

  2. […] Here is a video showing some examples of the different ways you can create UV based clues for your night caches.  They include UV Ink and UV Monofilament Kit. […]

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