UV Paint with Brush

$5.95 (Excl. HST/GST)
Weight: .100kg
Width: 2cm
Height: 5cm
Length: 3cm


Clear Neon is a specialty paint that is exclusively developed with a patented formula to react and gain maximum intensity when exposed to black light, all while remaining transparent in normal room lighting. Natural pigments make for a product that is above the standard and unlike anything else available. Clearneon paints are tested to be better, brighter and totally clear.

Non Toxic and washes off skin and most clothing with normal washing. Follow label instructions, adult supervision is recommended.

Paint comes in a 5ml container with brush.  This package size is meant for creating UV coordinates, it is not meant for painting items or large areas.

Technical Details

Ultraviolet is the invisible to humans, and have wavelengths (200 to 400 nanometers) much shorter than visible light. There are three basic types of UV light A, B, and C.rnrnUV A : 340 - 380nm Proper wavelenght to excite ClearNeon Blacklite Paint. AKA-longwave UV.rnUV A : 320 - 380nm Used for UV Curing, Non Destructive Testing Inspection.rnUV B : 280 - 320nm Used for Suntanning.rnUV C : 200 - 280nm Used in Dermatology.rnrnFor best results With ClearNeon we want our peak transmission of UV. A to be around 365nm (longwave UV) this is the Magic frequency for exciting and illuminating our paint. ClearNeon Paint is not intended for use in direct sunlight.rnrnView MSDS.


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Category Ultra Violet

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