Velvet Coin Pouch

$0.80 (Excl. HST/GST)
Weight: .010kg
Width: 7.5cm
Height: .5cm
Length: 8.5cm
Color *

Categories What's New , Coin Holders , Geocoins

Choose from a selection of coloured velvet pouches to safely keep your coin protected. They are great for presentations and gift wrapping of coins. Instead of wrapping your gift coin in paper, you can offer it in this sophisticated looking velvet coin bag with its eloquent draw strings.

  • This pouch measures 3" wide and 3.5" tall.
  • It can comfortably hold a coin that is 2.25" wide or smaller,
    including the coin's plastic protective pouch.
  • A coin measuring 2.5" wide can fit in this pouch outside
    of the coin's protective pouch.
  • You can also fit multiple smaller coins in one coin bag.

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