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  1. Great Choices Website and super local pricing :))
    I love the idea of Gift Certificates … I’ll be back for some of those later :))

  2. Well Patrick, guess you won’t be very surprised at my Xmas gift this year 😀

  3. Great selection, great prices and fair shipping rates! I also like that you have sponsered the Geocaching Podcast. Can’t wait to see you at COG Spring Fling 007!

  4. Great to finally find a site that sells uv flashlights.. Even though the little button lights worked well at last years SF5 it’s always nice to have a better one.. Many thanks and onto SF6

  5. Thanks for helping out this last minute shopper, tags made it to event and will hopefully be making there way far and wide I the near future.

  6. Thanks for the quick check out.

  7. Thanks for all the extra help. Great customer service:)

  8. Thanks

  9. Just picking up a couple things for me and a prize for to donate to GC47BHB

  10. HI Folks, I’ve ordered a few items from you before, but this will be my first night cache kit, really looking forward to setting it up, great site and some really cool stuff I can’t get in Ireland. Could possibly be the first night cache in Ireland. :)

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