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Sep 212011

Rogue 2 Flashlights

Have you ever wondered how much you can expect to spend on batteries in a year? We did too so we built a handy little calculator to help you estimate what it will cost you. The calculator assumes single use batteries. You can change the values to fit your flashlight. The calculator is pre-populated with the values for the two flashlights described below.

  • Rogue 2 with two Alkaline AA batteries and 100 Lumen output
  • Fenix TK 35 with one lithium CR123 battery and 109 Lumen output

How the formula works:
(annual hours of night caching / runtime of fresh batteries) X cost of batteries.

How much night caching do you do in a month?
Values for a flashlight using AA batteries
Cost for single AA 0.83
Values for a flashlight using AA battery
Annual operating cost for AA $ 20
Annual operating cost for CR123 $ 99