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Sep 202011

This was the fourth annual GHAGAFAP out of ten that I have attended.  I think Ron has been to five.  We love going.   This was my first year of camping at the event.   I love the fall but man that tent gets chilly at night!

I like camping at geocachings event because you get to experience so much more.   You meet more people and see more sights, get warmed by more fire and who doesn’t like a nice campfire :-)  This year I even ate grubs instead of marshmallows, thanks Elf.

This was the first year at Guelph Lake Conservation Area and it was a good choice.  There was lots of area to spread out.  I was amazed at some of the camping set ups.  We geocachers know how to set up camp!

It was great seeing many familiar faces and meeting new ones.   I spent the day in our booth which meant cachers came to me to talk.  That was handy.  Thanks to everyone that stopped by to say hi.

We placed a night cache for the event.   I was camping so when  group of cachers decided to go for it on the Friday night I was able to tag along and see how it went.  The night cache included a projection which some people had never done before.  I was also able to guide the group to the better path with the low brush.  Others that did the cache on their own were not so lucky.   A few of the folks that did this cache learned the importance of checking the attributes before trying to find it.  Rest assured if you are looking for a night cache we placed it will include at least one twist.

There seemed to be enough caches for everyone to enjoy, some easy some not so easy.

If you stayed until the Sunday you were treated to breakfast!  That was a great surprise.  Thank you to everyone that organized and contributed to that.

The organizers did a great job on this event.  I hope that they had someone else catering the meal made the day more enjoyable for the organizers.  After 10 years Trimbles Trek is stepping away from GHAGAFAP but that doesn’t mean it will stop.  Res2100 has picked up the reigns.  I wish him a lot of luck next year.  The organizing of this event is a mammoth undertaking.

I would like to thank everyone from the organizers to the attendees for making this a great event.  If it wasn’t for all those volunteers this event wouldn’t exist.  My hat is off to anyone that donates their time to make geocaching better.