Laser Caching Tutorial

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Jan 282014

We were welcomed back on GeoGearHeads for an unprecedented fourth time.   This makes Cache At Night the most frequent guest on their podcast.   We think that’s a sign that more people like nighttime geocaching.

Here is a video from the podcast.

Lasers and Geocaching

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Dec 092013

Over the years I’ve encountered a few geocaches that uses lasers.  They are always fun geocaches.  I will be a guest on the GeoGearheads podcast on January 23rd to discuss lasers and geocaching.   While preparing for that broadcast I discovered this little stat.

Laser One Degree

We have done the math and over 30m (~100ft) an aiming difference of just 1 degree from a fixed location means a difference of 1.5m (~4ft) at the target.   To put that in perspective a coin under one end of our most popular laser represents 1 degree change in angle.   We learned a lot about aiming issues when we built BFL 8: Hot Blooded (Predator).  Adding lasers to your cache can be quite tricky.

We’ve found that the Laser Loci is a great way to incorporate lasers into your cache.  It removes fixed point aiming as an issue.

More Than Just a Shop

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Dec 052013
Laser Loci Geocache

We were pleased to learned today that we have been invited back for a fourth time to participate in the GeoGearHeads podcast.  The episode is scheduled for January 23, 2014 at 2100h.   Since Ron and I opened Cache At Night we’ve been giving back to the geocaching community.  Whether it is through donations to geocaching events or giving presentations we also try to give back to the good community that supports us with their hard earned dollars.   We invest in Cache At Night as much for the the fun it brings than the financial reward.   We are a start up so there is more fun than there is financial reward 😉

In addition to the overt things we do to support the community there are also the subtle things we do to support the community like source innovative products and make them available to everyone.  The BFL Boot Camp, an event that we both sponsor and volunteer for, has a bit of a reputation for introducing neat concepts to caching.   Cache At Night introduced Laser Loci which is a commercialized product that started life as a BFL Boot Camp cache.   In my day job we call this scaling up.   Instead of one off caches we now have a product that other people, can and have used.

There is a cache in Ottawa that uses a Laser Loci as a key element in the cache.  This cache has received overwhelmingly positive responses from those that have found the cache.   It currently has a 64% favourites percentage.   This is one of those subtle ways we are giving back to the community.

knights-templarAfter a recent GeoGearHeads podcast where I discussed night caching techniques a cacher in Rhode Island, Fishheadjr, took what he learned and built an amazing cache called Knights Templar.   That cache has 100% favourite points as of this writing.  A group of us are even thinking of going on an 800km road trip to check out this cache.   Lucky for us the learning is reciprocal.   In a conversation with Fishheadjr I learned about one of his stages.  I loved the idea so much I reached out to the manufacturer and we now carry that geocaching clue in our store.  I won’t tell you which product it is so as to not give away the surprise.

We will continue to source or create new and innovative geocaching supplies.   We love learning what our customers do with the items they buy from us.   In many cases they are used in ways we didn’t even think of.   We recognize that you have choices when it comes to buying your geocaching supplies.   It is our hope that you will find added value in what we offer.  Without your support we wouldn’t be able bring new things to the store.  Thank you to everyone that continues to support us three years in.