Winter Caching Tools

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Jan 082015
Preferred snow shovel for geocaching

I’ve been caching since 2006 through all seasons and all weather.   My favourite time to cache is the fall.  No bugs, no snow, no sweat, it’s just a great time to cache.  Unfortunately it’s winter that follows fall and with it comes snow.  Some places get more snow than others.  We had a lot of snow last year so I decided to get myself a snow shovel.   If you are going to get a snow shovel now is the time to get one.

Below is a gallery of images with descriptions of what I like about each type of shovel and what I would recommend for caching. Click the images for a description.

In the winter I switch to a larger pack so that I can carry more tools of the trade.     In addition to a snow shovel you might also want to add goggles for windy days, walking poles, and traction aids for your boots.  I also have gators for my boots to help keep out the deeper snow.  If it’s really deep snow I have snow shoes.  Caching in the Great White North can be a bit trickier in the winter but it’s certainly doable and enjoyable.