Dec 232011
Winter Solstice Group Caching Event

Thanks to northern penguin for the photo

The following is a log entry posted by Draelynx from our Winter Solstice – Battery Challenge event cache.  We had a lot of fun in the warmer, wetter and by wetter I mean muddier, weather.

/ Twas a warm and muddy night
/ And all through Hyde Tract
/ Not a creature was stirring
/ But then, wait …. what’s that?

/ There arose on the trails
/ Such loud cheerful chatter
/ From an assembly of cachers
/ Who craved a night gather

/ They splashed in deep puddles
/ Then tripped over logs
/ Accompanied by geokids
/ And damp geodogs

/ By Magellan and Garmin and UV we were bidden
/ To seek in the forest that which is hidden
/ In tree stump! In leaf pile! In spruce tree and ruin!
/ There isn’t much else we would rather be do-in’

/ After spotting each one
/ No “Found It!” was piped
/ For group caching etiquette
/ Simply shut off your light

/ Through wet falling snow
/ Cachers drove out of sight
/ Happy Solstice to all
/ And to all a good night!

Thank you Draelynx for letting us repost your log.

Here is a short video from the evening. I can never seem to fully capture what it’s like to see headlamps bobbing around the woods at night.

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